Project members: Mihail Anton, Lorna Bartram, Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi, Linda Bradley, Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström, Khaled Al-Sabbagh.
Project members: Mihail Anton, Lorna Bartram, Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi, Linda Bradley, Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström, Khaled Al-Sabbagh.

The project Integration with mobiles is run by six researchers and developers from Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg. For more information about the project please contact the project leader Linda Bradley: linda.bradley[at]

Linda Bradley

Linda Bradley, PhD and project leader, working with research about learning and IT at Chalmers University of Technology since 2013. She also works at the Department of Educational Development and Interactive Learning (PIL) at University of Gothenburg. At Chalmers, Linda has been involved in several projects related to student interaction in both physical and digital environments. In early 2016 she conducted a pilot study with newly arrivals Arabic speaking people using mobiles to enhance their pronunciation.

Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström
nataliya.berbyuk.lindstrom[at] website

Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström, PhD in general linguistics and lecturer in communication with a focus on intercultural communication at University of Gothenburg Department of Applied Information Technology, Department of Communication and Cognition. Her research focuses on intercultural communication in healthcare (foreign doctors in Sweden), multimodal communication, rhetoric and e-learning. She is also the program director of the International master programme Master in Communication.

Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi

Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi, PhD in Language Technology and Associate Professor of educational science with a focus on learning and IT, works at the Department for Education and Teaching Profession, at the University of Gothenburg. Her research focuses on digital media and learning with the aim to advance understanding for digital practices, text formats, learning designs and interaction and impact on education. Recent research concerns studies in technology-enriched instruction and analysis of classroom practices in regard to situational choices and interpretation of semiotic resources in digital, multimodal meaning-making practices.

Khaled Al-Sabbagh

Khaled Al-Sabbagh is project assistant with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Technology from University of Gothenburg, a Master’s degree in Management and Finance from Birmingham City University in the UK, and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering from Arab International University in Syria.

Lorna Bartram

Lorna Bartram is project assistant with a Master’s degree in Arabic, Languages, and Intercultural Communication from University of Gothenburg. She has developed the mobile application PicTalk , in Arabic and Swedish, a tool to overcome language barriers in situations where persons do not share a common language.

Mihail Anton

Mihail Anton is project assistant and is in the process of finalising his Master’s degree within bioinformatics (computer science) at Chalmers University of Technology. He has a general large interest in new technologies, and he is contributing to the development of the mobile application.